Bernard Purdie is ready for JAMSGIVING! Check out his new book and line of signature drum sticks!


The Souper Groove All-Stars  will be joined by the legendary drummer Bernard Purdie THIS FRIDAY for JAMSGIVING – A Thanksgiving Music Festival! Bernard is excited about the All-Stars set list and has given the arranged material his seal of approval (he likes the flyers too!). He will be available after the set to sign copies of his new book, “Let The Drums Speak – The Life Story Of The World’s Most Recorded Drummer”. Come see the master at work and get an autographed copy of his book Friday night at JAMSGIVING!

Don’t miss Bernard Purdie, Tim Palmieri, Hayley Jane, TM Stevens and many more come together with the Souper Groove All-Stars for an epic set at JAMSGIVING!

Check out Bernard’s new line of signature drum sticks from Rich Sticks!


Specs: Full Custom Sticks – Bernard Purdie signature sticks – .555 Grip, .250 Neck, Short/Medium Taper, Acorn Tip, 17” Length, beeswax/citrus finish

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