JAMSGIVING Band Spotlight – The Z3 & Souper Groove All-Stars

Here are two of the most anticipated bands at JAMSGIVING, and for good reason! The musicians that make up these groups are truly legendary and bring to the table nothing but good times and top-notch tunes! JAMSGIVING is proud to present The Z3 and the Souper Groove All-Stars! Two days until the party begins! Get your tickets now!



Some music is sacred. Like Frank’s. But that doesn’t mean that it’s an ant in amber, frozen forever in its last performance. The Z3’s “Funky Takes on Frank” began as Tim, Beau and Bill’s way of playing the music they’ve obsessed over for years to the audiences that come to see them right now. With nothing but guitar, Hammond organ/keys, drums and three voices, The Z3 tackled everything from Freak Out to Broadway the Hard Way with a playful and adventurous spirit that has thus far tickled the fancies of both diehard FZ fans as well as those that “never knew they liked him.”

And then they met Ed Mann… (Read the full bio from thez3.com)



Souper Groove All-Stars is a show of the top jam, funk, rock, EDM and bluegrass musicians that have been affiliated with Souper Groove Music Festival. Led by music producer Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan, the mission of the Souper Groove All-Stars is to unite the jam community together in a way that inspires folklore about the scene and fosters brotherhood amongst the musicians in the community. (Read the full bio here)

Check out video from 2015 of Souper Groove All-Stars with Todd Stoops, Bernad Purdie, TM Stevens and more!

This JAMSGIVING, attendees will enjoy a stellar line up including Bernard Purdie, Tim Palmieri, Hayley Jane, TM Stevens, Deseree Spinks, Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan, Sandy Mack and several more artists!