A Thank You From Our Founders…

Dear Friends,

After 4 amazing years, we have nothing but love for the times we shared at Souper Groove. It was a unique experience for everyone who attended, and we’re overjoyed that the festival was such a hit. It was dubbed “NJ’s Party of the Year” and for good reason. We threw it down in epic style at that property! The festival was so successful that it sold out in the second year, and then doubled in size. Over 100 bands from several states shared their artistry with thousands of music loving, Souper Groovin’ fans.

Turtle Soup @ Souper Groove 4

To pull off a successful festival is normally impossible, but we did it 4 years in a row, and crushed it every time! The weather was perfect, the tickets sold like hotcakes, the bands killed it, and we had the best times we can remember. Epic lights and sound? Super jams with Bernard Purdie, Todd Stoops and TM Stevens? Nonstop laughter? Pink Talking Fish with Tim Palmieri? Turtle Soup sets galore? Theme nights? Thousands of tickets sold? Check, check, check…
TM Stevens and Todd Stoops jamming in the Souper Groove All-Stars

TM Stevens and Todd Stoops jamming in the Souper Groove All-Stars @ Souper Groove 4


The people were so amazing, travelling from as far as Washington State and Florida to come to our small festival. The vibes were non-stop and lasting friendships were made. At Souper Groove, we stopped time and lived for each other.
Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.41.55 AM

Turtle Soup & Friends at Souper Groove 3

With the festival’s success, the responsibility grew as well. Minding the details of such an amazing, beautiful event and keeping it successful requires 24-hour attention, constant promotion, and spending more money with each year just to top the last. As band members, it got to the point where we just can’t manage the festival and focus on our music at the same time. Something had to give… as hard as it is to say this, we can’t host a camping festival this year.

Souper Groove 2 at capacity


But HEY, don’t be sad…
We’re walking away from a huge gamble when our chips are up, and all our memories of Souper Groove are positive! Thank you for the memories and the great time. Hugs, high-fives and ear-to-ear smiles all around! Plus, we’re still hosting parties at select venues throughout the region. Our Souper Groove All-Stars shows have been remarkable, with 30 musicians, 4+ hour sets and incredible collaborations, so let’s keep it going! We hope to see you at the next show, and all our future Souper Groove events!

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Here are a few facts about Souper Groove Music Festival

– Founded and hosted by the band Turtle Soup (www.turtlesoupband.com)
– Most successful and longest-running music and camping festival in Monmouth County in the last 10 years if not ever
– Sold-out in Year 2 and doubled size with new property in Year 3
– Crowned “NJ’s Party of the Year” – Spike TV
– NJ Stage Award Bronze Winner for “Best Festival in NJ”
– 3 x Nominee as “The Best Thing to Happen in NJ” by the Asbury Music Awards
– Booked National Superstars Bernard Purdie, TM Stevens, Screaming Headless Torsos, Audrey Kate-Geiger, Tim Palmieri, Todd Stoops, Pink Talking Fish and over 100 bands from over 8 different states
– Paid over $40k in wages to working employees and bands
– Held showcases in Atlantic Highlands and Asbury Park, bringing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue to local bars
– Sponsored by Relix Magazine, Surf Taco, ONE Coconut Water and more
– Hosted thousands of amazing, beautiful fans from all over USA, including people that traveled from Minnesota, Washington, Florida, Montana, Colorado, California, and New Jersey’s surrounding states.

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie on drums for the Souper Groove All-Stars @ Souper Groove 4


Tim Palmieri @ Souper Groove 4

Tim Palmieri @ Souper Groove 4


Pink Talking Fish @ Souper Groove 4



Mike Montrey Band at Souper Groove 3



The Juggling Suns w. Sandy Mack @ Souper Groove 2



Souper Groove Ringmaster Barry Cohen

Souper Groove Ringmaster Barry Cohen at Souper Groove 4


Splintered Sunlight at Souper Groove 3

Splintered Sunlight at Souper Groove 3


Matt O'Ree Band at Souper Groove 2

Matt O’Ree Band at Souper Groove 2



Echo Movement at Souper Groove 2


The beginning of it all: Souper Groove Founders Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan and Andy Meyer of Turtle Soup being photobombed by Larry the Clown of the Karma Wash at Souper Groove 1


More photos here: https://www.facebook.com/soupergroove/photos



P.S. Somewhere, robots are building robots that will help us run the festival in the future, so stay tuned…