Souper Groove Music Festival is an overwhelming success that SOLD OUT in it’s second year and just kept growing!
Thanks to all the wonderful people that make this a memorable experience!

It’s a true testament to independent, original music and a scene being built from the GROUND UP right here in NJ!

Images From Souper Groove Music Festival


Originated in 2012, Souper Groove Music and Camping Festival was created by the band Turtle Soup.

 Souper Groove Labor Day Festival

is coming September 4-7!

Join us for the 4th year of what Spike TV called “NJ’s Party of the Year” – Hosted by Turtle Soup, the NJ music phenoms, Souper Groove Music Festival has become known far and wide for it’s intimate, friendly vibe and homegrown NJ atmosphere mixed with world-class lighting, sound and music. There truly is nothing else like it around.

The music presented at Souper Groove is a unique mixture of the most talented and hard-working bands from New Jersey and surrounding states. Feel-good reggae grooves from the Jersey Shore are peppered throughout the festival, mixed with rock, funk, blues, jazz, fusion and bluegrass from nationally and regionally touring bands.

The local New Jersey and Monmouth/Ocean County presence is very strong at Souper Groove, and the creative music & arts movement that all of the great talents have been building in this area comes to a point at the festival.  It is a true “scene” with bands and fans alike interacting and feeding off each other to create moments that live in our hearts until the next Souper Groove. 

The “family” vibe is evident and smiling faces abound at Souper Groove. Young Groovers are always welcome, and there’s an area for families on site. Kids and ‘adults’ alike get dressed up in costumes to celebrate theme nights.

Over the past 3 years, Souper Groove has grown to a local staple organically, largely due to the amazing crowd of fun music enthusiasts. One of our fans said, “You go to Souper Groove with 6 friends and leave with 60.” Souper Groove 4 will be the best yet!!!

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